Glocknerman Registration

Welcome to the registration for the Glocknerman 2017!

You can register online by completing the particular form. Choose between Single Racer and Teams . Please take care to enter the correct information, especially the correct e-mail address. During the registration process you have to upload a photo of the athlete or in case of teams of every team driver. For teams, only one e-mail address can be declared. All official mails will be sent to this e-mail address. The transfer of the information to other team racers is in the responsibility of the recipient!

Your registration is only valid after receipt of the starting fee! The account data will be sent by e-mail. You will receive a confirmation of payment after payment receipt. Please note, however, that the confirmation can be sent to you up to two weeks later.

After registration you will receive four mails:
  • Mail 1: Confirmation of registration
    • Account data for transfer of the starting fee, as well as the link for editing the registration data.

  • Mail 2: Login data for Glocknerman Moodle
    • In the Glocknerman Moodle you will find important documents about the Glocknerman, which are constantly added. You can also find the booking form for the Hotel Novapark

  • Mail 3: Glocknerman profile
    • A big concern for us is that Glocknerman fans learn more about our participants. Please answer the questions at the link listed. The profile is published together with the participant list.

    • Mail 4: Custumized cycling clothes for the Glocknerman 2017 powered by sanSirro
      • All participants receive a great offer from our partner sanSirro for the purchase of individual sportswear for the Glocknerman.

The numbering of the mail does not correspond to the chronological sequence in which the mails are sent and are only intended to serve as an overview.

Frequently asked questions

I have not received all four mails. What What should I do?

In some cases the mailing process can take several hours, so please check your mailbox again later. It may happen that the mails were unintentionally filtered and landed in the spam folder. Otherwise, please contact us and we will send you the missing mail again - as long as no error occurred during the registration.

Where is the starting fee to be transferred?

The account data will be sent to the specified email address after registration.

Can I change my registration data?

A change of the data, with the exception of the photo, is possible after registration. You will get a link in the registration email, where you can make the change.

How can I change my photo?

Please send us the new photo via email.

Can I change the data of my profile?

It is possible to change the answers until publication of the participant list. Please simply click on the link, which is listed in the mail (No. 3).

A team driver has canceled. What should I do?

Please contact us at an early stage. A team driver can be exchanged after consultation with us.

Registration 2017

Registration closed

Glocknerman - Ultraradmarathon Weltmeisterschaft