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13.01.2018 16:01

Registration for 2018 is open!

Register now for the ultracycling world championship!

04.01.2018 23:30

Glocknerman Trainingscamp 2018

The 3rd Glocknerman Trainingscamp will take place from May 10th till May 13th 2018.

06.11.2017 23:00

Extremsportler und Glocknerman Organisator Jacob Zurl führt nächstes Jahr zum dritten Mal die begehrte Himalaya-Tour. Sei dabei!

Extreme athlete and Glocknerman organizer Jacob Zurl invite already the third time to his special and popular Himalya trip. Be a part of it !

24.08.2017 23:12

The date for the Glocknerman 2018 is online.

The Glocknerman 2018 will take place from 30th May till 2nd june 2018.

16.06.2017 21:34

Hill Racing Team is the first Ultra team to cross the finish line

With a time of 31h 45min the team wins with Leo Hillinger, Benjamin Karl, Hannes Hessenberger and Richard Aßmair the team score.

16.06.2017 13:44

Günther Fiedler and the cycleneers are the winner of the sprint route.

The Günther Fiedle from Lower Austria is the winner of the first Glocknerman SPRINT.

15.06.2017 2:14

All images from the Glocknerman kick-off

On Wednesday, June 14th, 2017, check-in, briefing, technical inspection and many more took place during the Glocknerman kick-off event.

06.06.2017 21:16

The Glocknerman kick-off on 14.06 is approaching

Visit the opening event of the Glocknerman 2017 at the Hotel Novapark

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Glocknerman - Ultraradmarathon Weltmeisterschaft