How do I know if you received my registration and entry fee?

After registration you will get a confirmation e-mail.You also get a seperate confirmation when your bank transfer arrived. This confirmation can be delayed up to four weeks.

Where do I transfer the entry fee?

After registration you will receive account information via your stated e-mail address.

How will the numbers be assigned?

Numbers will be assigned regarding to the time of registration. Numbers do not correspond with the starting order.

I am under 50 years old, but I want to race the Classic route anyways. Is this possible?

Yes, it is possible, but the athlete will not be in the world championship ranking.

How can I change any of my registration data?

You will receive a link and code with your confirmation e-mail. You can log in and change your data.

Briefing, CityRadeln

Are all the staff required to be present at the briefing?

It is recommended, but not obligatory. The athlete is responsible that the whole team staff has all necessary information. The Glocknerman-organizers do not take any legal responsibility for events that could have been prevented by attending the briefings.

Is attending CityRadeln obligatory?

Yes, it is obligatory for all athletes. The kilometers are part of the total distance.

How will the starting order be determined?

The mode of the starting order will be announced soon.

The Glocknerman

How many people should be part of my support-staff?

There is no fixed recommendation for this question. The team has to consist of at least two people with a valid driver’s license. The overall number depends on experience of the athlete and the team members, the car and the equipment and the planned passing times. The more staff the less pressure for every single one. The bigger the team, the more important is good communication. For most athletes at the Glocknerman a team consisting of four persons and one car is suited best. One to two staff members can stay at Winklern overnight. If you want good media (pictures, videos...) it is recommended to have a separate car for it.

Is it possible to have a second team car at the Hochalpenstraße?

Yes, but toll for the second car have to be paid individually. Toll for one car is included in the entry fee and you will receive a voucher for it with all other information at check-in. You can check current tolls at the homepage of the Großglockner Hochalpenstraße.

Is slipstreaming allowed?

No, slipstreaming is prohibited.

Is the Glocknerman a qualifying race for the Race Across America (RAAM)?

Yes, the race divisions Ultra and Classic are qualifying races for the Race Across America (RAAM), not the Glocknerman Sprint.


When is substitution of team athletes allowed?

Substitution is always possible.

Is it allowed to start in a mixed team?

Yes, it’s allowed, but there is only one team overall standing.


Is it possible to download the racetrack as .gpx file?

Yes, you find them in the download section

How shall I navigate at Glocknerman?

You use the Glocknerman-Roadbook as navigator during the race. All participants get a coloured, printed one at the check-in. Furthermore you can download the racetrack in advance from our homepage and upload it to your driver‘s or pace car‘s navigation device.

What if an athlete drives in the wrong direction?

The athlete has to return to the last checkpoint of the race track that was passed validly.

Is there a digital version of the road book available?

Yes, this is previously provided to the participants as .pdf. At the check-in, each driver/team will receive the printed road book.


Where can I find pictures of the event?

You can find them here.

Am I allowed to use pictures from Flickr?

Glocknerman athletes are allowed to use and reproduce pictures from the official Glocknerman Flickr-account. You are not allowed to change or edit those pictures. The Glocknerman watermark has to be visible. There is an exception for members of the press, they can request the original pictures.

Is it necessary for the support stuff to sign the disclaim of warranty?

Yes, the disclaim of warranty has to be signed by all athlets and all members of the support stuff, otherwise a valid participation is not possible.

Am I allowed to use the Glocknerman logo for advertising?

Yes, athletes who are participating at Glocknerman are allowed to use the logo for public communication. You are not allowed to change or edit the logo. You can embed the logo into your own pictures. (f.e. Facebook, cover picture with the athlete and the logo in the corner).

Are RV’s allowed?

Yes, they are allowed as support vehicle, but not as pace car. Check out the definition in our rules.

Do all athletes get a trophy?

No, only finishers are getting a trophy as well as a finisher-shirt.

Any further questions?

Please don’t hesitate to ask and contact us: info (at) glocknerman.at

Glocknerman - Ultraradmarathon Weltmeisterschaft