Entry fee

Registration information
The entry fee must be received within two weeks after registration in the organizer's account. Otherwise, the registration is automatically canceled. A new registration is only possible after consultation with the organization team.
The registration is only valid with the timely receipt of the starting fee.

Transfer till 03.05.2018:

  • Glocknerman SPRINT: 379 Euro
  • Glocknerman SPRINT (2-person): 479 Euro
  • Glocknerman ULTRA or CLASSIC: 549 Euro
  • Glocknerman ULTRA (2-person): 699 (pro Team)
  • Glocknerman ULTRA (4-person): 799 (pro Team)

Publication date of the participants list: 05.03.2018

Cancellation conditions on goodwill of the organizer
Cancellation till 28.02.2018: 100% of the entry fee
Cancellation between 01.03.2018 and 15.04.2018: 60% of the entry fee
Cancellation between16.04.2018 and 03.05.2018: 40% of the entry fee
Thereafter no entry fee can be transferred back.

Any extra (bank) fees have to be paid by the participant.
It is the responsibility of the participant at his own request, to make a cancellation insurance with the respective insurance.

Glocknerman - Ultraradmarathon Weltmeisterschaft