Richo Meleg
Race Division Ultra
World championship discipline U50
Age 45
Town Myjava
Citizenship Slovakia
Club Richo Ultracycling Slovakia


Previous Glocknerman-participations: 0
Size (cm): 183
Weight (kg): 81
Training kilometers/ year: 9000
Bicycle: Bianchi Oltre XR4

Previous achievements
2011 - 11.miesto DOS RAS okolo Slovinska 1220km /neoficiálne ME v ultra/
- 2.miesto Glocknerman 1000km Rakúsko /neoficiálne MS v ultra/

2012 - 1.miesto Glocknermam 1000km Rakúsko /neof.MS v ultra/
- 1.miesto 24hodin Le Mans Brno rekord trate 760km

2013 - 7.miesto Višegrad Budapäst-Krakov - 530km
- 1.miesto 24hodinovka K24 Brno 758km
- 1.miesto 24hodinovka Kaindorf Rakúsko 766km

2014 - 12.miesto DOS RAS okolo Slovinska 1200km
- 3.miesto 24hodinovka Slovakia Ring 811km
- 2.miesto dvoch 24hodinoviek v Rakúskom - Grieskirchen 758km a Kaindorf 760km

2015 - 2.miesto dvoch 24hodinoviek v Rakúsku- Grieskirchen - 752km a Kaindorf - 629km
-1.miesto 24hodinovka K24 Brno – 725,2km

2016 - 2.miesto v kategórii +40rokov a celkovo 4.miesto Glocknerman 1000km /neoficiálne MS v ultra/
- 3.miesto 24hodinovka Rakúsko - Kaindorf 751.8km

How did you get into extreme cycling?
Through the first race RACE 1200 km year 2009

What were your most beautiful and hardest bike experiences?
maybee race on austria, glocknerman or and 24hour kaindorf/grieskirchen

At Glocknerman, a large proportion of participants do not always reach the goal. Why are you convinced that you belong to the finisher?
love for sport
and strong will

How do you motivate yourself for a challenge like the Glocknerman?
glocknerman for me are beautiful landscapes

How do you prepare for the Glocknerman?
Workout - food - regeneration

Richo Meleg - Glocknerman Ultra 2017