06.11.2017 23:00

Extremsportler und Glocknerman Organisator Jacob Zurl führt nächstes Jahr zum dritten Mal die begehrte Himalaya-Tour. Sei dabei!

Extreme athlete and Glocknerman organizer Jacob Zurl invite already the third time to his special and popular Himalya trip. Be a part of it !


Also next year it's going up to high altitude with Glocknerman organizer Jacob Zurl. The Himalaya cycling and trekking tour goes into the third edition. In these unique adventures, organized and accompanied by extreme athlete Jacob Zurl and the travel agency Elmundo, a 21-day adventure with cycling over the Himalaya in the first part and having a trekking tour - well acclimatised - on the easily climbed montain Stok Kangri 6.153m in the second part. 

You can find more infornation on www.traveladventures.at