04.02.2016 15:14

RAAM Qualifying Race

Glocknerman is now an official Race Across Ameria Qualifying Race

The Glocknerman is this year the first time an official Qualifying Race for the Race Across America (RAAM). With its 4800 kilometres from the west-to the eastcoast of the United States of America it is known as the toughest ultra cycling race of the world. A participation as single racer is only possible after qualifying.

You can find further information about the qualifying on the RAAM website

Every Glocknerman athlete who finishes the Ultra- or Classic Route successfully counts as Qualified Racer and can participate at the RAAM.

There have already been some former Glocknerman athletes, who had qualified in a other races and participated at the RAAM and even won the race, such as Christoph Strasser or Severin Zotter.


The Race Across America starts this year on June 14, 2016 (Solo Racers)