02.06.2018 15:39

Simon Ruff chooses become the ultra-winner Martin Bendszus wins at the Classic distance.

In a thrilling final on the last kilometers, the Swiss Simon Ruff was able to show his nerve and won the ultra distance with a time of 35:53. On the Stockerplatz followed Patric Grüner with a time of 36h and the German Rainer Steinberger.

With the Classic driver Martin Bendszus was able to point the previous year's winner Hansi Nyfeler to second place with a time of 32:15 min. Third was the American Barry Dickson.

Peak time reached the first sprint team. After unbelievable 14 hours and 4 minutes Team Union Hirschbach crossed the finish line on the Edelweißspitze.

In the Ultra teams won the duo Chin Min from Wilhelmsburg with a time of 39 hours and 53 minutes.


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