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The Glocknerman Sprint ist for the beginners of ultra cycling. With 450km and 7.500 vertical meters is the race in kind of a special 24 hour race with start in Graz and finish at the highest mountain of Austria - the Großglockner.
The sprint also requires a pace car with at least two driving people.


Kilometer: 450 km
Altitude: 7500 hm


  • Solo Men
  • Solo Women
  • 2-person Team

Teams: There is one overall ranking independend if the athletes are male, mixed or female.

Age divisions

If in an age division are less than participants the age rating is combined with the next lower.


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Route description

Start: Center West/Graz - Kalsdorf bei Graz - Wildon - Leibnitz - Spielfeld - Südsteirische Weinstraße - Leutschach - Arnfels - Eibiswald - Soboth 1.347m – Lavamünd - Bleiburg – Sittersdorf -Eisenkappel - Schaidasattel 1068m – Ferlach – Feistritz im Rosental – Maria Elend – Sankt Jakob im Rosental – Finkenstein - Arnoldstein - Freistritz an der Gail - St. Stefan im Gailtal - Hermagor – Dellach – Kötschach-Mauthen – Sankt Lorenzen im Lesachtal - Maria Luggau – Obertillach – Kartitscher Sattel 1.530m– Tassenbach – Lienz - Iselsberg 1.204m – Winklern – Döllach – Heiligenblut – Hochtor 2.504mZiel: Edelweißspitze 2.572m


Timestations are important places on the route, they are marked in the Roadbook and in the gps-files.
At the timestation the passage time has to be reported to the race control.

TimestationKMSection lengthAltitudeSection- Altitude
Start: Graz / Center West 0,0 0,0 0,0 0,0
Spielfeld 43,5 43,5 100,0 100,0
Soboth 64,1 107,6 1700,0 1800,0
Schaidasattel 66,6 174,3 1080,0 2880,0
Finkenstein 56,8 231,1 680,0 3560,0
Hermagor 47,2 278,3 500,0 4060,0
Kartitscher Sattel 72,9 351,2 1739,0 5799,0
Winklern 50,0 401,2 718,0 6517,0
Heiligenblut 22,1 423,2 472,0 6989,0
Hochtor 14,7 437,9 1336,0 8325,0
Ziel: Edelweißspitze 8,1 446,1 300,0 8625,0

The kilometres of CityRadeln are not included.
You can find all .gpx-files of the route under Documents

Glocknerman - Ultraradmarathon Weltmeisterschaft