Richo Meleg
Race Division Ultra
World championship discipline U50
Age 44
Town Myjava
Citizenship Slovakia
Club richo ultracycling slovakia


Previous Glocknerman-participations: 2
Size (cm): 183
Weight (kg): 81
Training kilometers/ year: 10.000
Bicycle: Dema / Shimano

Previous achievements
2012 - ultra glocknerman 2.platz +40 jahre
2013 - ultra glocknerman 1.platz +40 jahre
2014 - 24st. serial grieskirchen-kaindorf 2.platz
2015 - 24st. serial grieskirchen-kaindorf 2.platz
2011 -DOS RAS 11.platz
2014 - DOS RAS 12.platz
2014 - K24 Brno 1.platz
2015 - K24 Brno 1.platz

How did you get into cycling and what fascinates you?
langsam, aber sicher. von magazin cycling

What fascinates you in extreme cycling?
extreme Ausdauer

How do you manage to endure extreme stress?
mit super meine team

What does the Glocknerman mean for you?
beauty natur

What is your goal for 2016?
ziel ist hell. gesund zu bleiben

Richo Meleg - Glocknerman Ultra 2016