Jiri Hledik
Race Division Classic
World championship discipline U60
Age 59
Town Dobra Voda u Ceskych Budejovic
Citizenship Czech Republic
Club Czech Ultracycling Team
Results www.glocknermanlive.at
Czech Republic


Previous Glocknerman-participations: 2
Size (cm): 184
Weight (kg): 76
Training kilometers/ year: 10000
Bicycle: Rubacuori Quatro, Rozzo

Previous achievements
Glocknerma classic 2008: solo, 2nd place in 50+category
Race Around the Central Europe 2009: solo, 1st place in category 50+, RAAM qualified
Race Around the Central Europe 2010: solo, 1st place in category 50+, RAAM qualified
DOS RAS EXTREME 2011: solo, 6th place in category 50+
EXTREME Race Around Austria 2011: solo, 15th place total (no categories), RAAM qualified
RAAM 2012: solo, DNF on TS 16 Pagosa Springs (1469 km / 913 mil)
Glocknerman classic 2013: solo, 2nd place in 50+category
1500 Race Around Austria 2013: solo, 2nd place, RAAM qualified
DOS RAS EXTREME 2014: 11th place in two person team
Race Around Ireland 2014: solo, DNF on TS15 Mizen Head (1502 km)

How did you get into extreme cycling?
I founded the Czech Ultracycling Team in 2007 and then I started with ultracycling activities when I was 50. It was good challenge for my body and mind.

What were your most beautiful and hardest bike experiences?
The most beautiful bike experience for me was Race Around Ireland 2014.
The most hardest bike experience for me was Race Across America 2012.

At Glocknerman, a large proportion of participants do not always reach the goal. Why are you convinced that you belong to the finisher?
I reached my goal on Glocknerman classic two times (2008 2nd place, 2013 2nd place). I will try to reach 1st place, off course. But not this year in 50+ category because there are a lot of great racers! Perhaps I will try next year in 60+ category.

How do you motivate yourself for a challenge like the Glocknerman?
It’s easy - because cycling is my dream and a good chance to be still positive and healthy.

I get supported in sports from?
First of all sport and creative work is my style of life. It’s important to harmonized both.
Secondly my team (Czech Ultracycling Team), my family and my sponsors are important too.

How do you prepare for the Glocknerman?
How my work enables me to train. Mainly it must be joy for me.

How do you manage to endure extreme stress?
It’s important to be always positive, to be strong and feel the sense WHAT and WHY I am doing.

What's your motto?
Only those who will risk going too far can possibly find out how far one can go.

Jiri Hledik - Glocknerman Classic 2017