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16.06.2017 21:34

Hill Racing Team is the first Ultra team to cross the finish line

With a time of 31h 45min the team wins with Leo Hillinger, Benjamin Karl, Hannes Hessenberger and Richard Aßmair the team score.

16.06.2017 13:44

Günther Fiedler and the cycleneers are the winner of the sprint route.

The Günther Fiedle from Lower Austria is the winner of the first Glocknerman SPRINT.

15.06.2017 2:14

All images from the Glocknerman kick-off

On Wednesday, June 14th, 2017, check-in, briefing, technical inspection and many more took place during the Glocknerman kick-off event.

06.06.2017 21:16

The Glocknerman kick-off on 14.06 is approaching

Visit the opening event of the Glocknerman 2017 at the Hotel Novapark

11.05.2017 9:07

Mental strength, dietary supplements & more

"Dealing with defeats is as much part of the sport as celebrating the happy moments." Sixteen years of ultra-cycling experience. An interview with Utra-cyclist Thomas Jaklitsch about what makes an ultra-cyclist and how to get back on your feet after an accident.

03.05.2017 0:47

Glocknerman Club on Strava

Join the Glocknerman Strava Club

04.03.2017 9:51

Leo Hillinger and Benjamin Karl in a 4-person team

A prominent team of 4 is at the start at the Glocknerman this year. Benjamin Karl, Leo Hillinger, Hannes Hessenberger and Sandro Jennewein are starting at the ultra-route

18.02.2017 14:15

"I have to live with my role as favorite"

Pierre Bischoff in an exclusive interview about his victory at the Race Across America 2016, his start at Glocknerman and his pleasure in extreme cycling

15.01.2017 18:10

The registration for the Glocknerman 2017 opened

Registration for the Glocknerman has started with 15.01.2017.

24.12.2016 13:56

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year

The Glocknerman team wishes you Merry Christmas and a successful year 2017.

12.12.2016 13:17

New Cooperation: Feel Good Hotel Novapark Graz

The Feel good hotel Novapark Graz is from 2017 on official partner and accommodation provider of the Glocknerman and a central part of the event.

21.11.2016 17:34

Glocknerman training camp

The Glocknerman training camp 2017 will take place from 25th, May to 28th, May 2017.

30.09.2016 13:10

Glocknerman Preinfo

Get informed, when the registration for the Glocknerman 2017 starts.

05.09.2016 12:44

Glocknerman SPRINT, 4-person Team and many more in 2017

The Glocknerman grows with the race division Glocknerman SPRINT

27.06.2016 19:34

Date of the Glocknerman 2017

The Glocknerman 2017 will take place from 14th-17th of June, 2017.

06.06.2016 22:51

Moving - The videos of the Glocknerman 2016

In cooperation with groox three short videos of the this year event were created

26.05.2016 21:26

Glocknerman 2016 has started!

After yesterdays great opening at the Schlossbergman the 19th Glocknerman started day

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