Walter Marchl
Race Division Sprint
Age 50
Town Maria Enzersdorf
Citizenship Austria
Club RC Mödling


Previous Glocknerman-participations: 0
Size (cm): 191
Weight (kg): 85
Training kilometers/ year: 12.000
Bicycle: Hrinkow Scorpion Pro

Previous achievements
24h Anninger MBK Solo 13.000hm, SK Bike Attack, 2 x Winner Redbull RingRadeln, Olymp. Tri Bahrain #3, Saudi King Fahd Causeway cross #2,...

How did you get into cycling and what fascinates you?
Best Cycling Friend of mine (Rutsch) is responsible :), got me into this sport! Cycling keeps my head clean and on the right place, is competitive and still social, perfect!

Why did you choose the Glocknerman SPRINT?
Met Jacob Zurl, followed his career, impressive efforts! The real long hauls are not possible due family and job (and maybe age), but up to 1.000km should be ok from time consumption and body capability.

How do you prepare for the Glocknerman?
Nothing special, of cours riding some long hauls. Additional getting some hm s in...

I get supported in sports from?
Family & Friends... especially WWW.PATRONUS.AT

How do you manage to endure extreme stress?
No management needed, I m kind of addicted and (the others say) bike crazy!

How do you motivate yourself for a challenge like the Glocknerman?
Just to be outside and to ride a bike it s motivation enough. The sceneries will be great (if the weather is ok). To go through Styria, Carinthia and Tyrol is worthy to put some effort.

My strengths in cycling are...
Guess my head might be stronger than the legs...

What's your motto?
Don t shit your pants, ride now, wortk later... (or before riding)

Walter Marchl - Glocknerman Sprint 2018