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15.01.2017 18:10

The registration for the Glocknerman 2017 opened

Registration for the Glocknerman has started with 15.01.2017.

24.12.2016 13:56

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year

The Glocknerman team wishes you Merry Christmas and a successful year 2017.

12.12.2016 13:17

New Cooperation: Feel Good Hotel Novapark Graz

The Feel good hotel Novapark Graz is from 2017 on official partner and accommodation provider of the Glocknerman and a central part of the event.

21.11.2016 17:34

Glocknerman training camp

The Glocknerman training camp 2017 will take place from 25th, May to 28th, May 2017.

30.09.2016 13:10

Glocknerman Preinfo

Get informed, when the registration for the Glocknerman 2017 starts.

05.09.2016 12:44

Glocknerman SPRINT, 4-person Team and many more in 2017

The Glocknerman grows with the race division Glocknerman SPRINT

27.06.2016 19:34

Date of the Glocknerman 2017

The Glocknerman 2017 will take place from 14th-17th of June, 2017.

06.06.2016 22:51

Moving - The videos of the Glocknerman 2016

In cooperation with groox three short videos of the this year event were created

26.05.2016 21:26

Glocknerman 2016 has started!

After yesterdays great opening at the Schlossbergman the 19th Glocknerman started day

26.05.2016 1:00

Patric Grüner exclusiv interview

Patric Grüner talks about his outage at the Race around Italy and about the Glocknerman

24.05.2016 22:29

Press release Glocknerman 2016

Kooperation des GLOCKNERMAN mit dem Grazer CityRadeln geht in die zweite Runde. 39 Extremradfahrer aus 6 Nationen legen die Strecke mit 1000km und 17000 Höhenmetern von Graz auf den Großglockner und retour nonstop zurück.

17.05.2016 9:28

Glocknerman - The data portal for participants

The Glocknerman Moodle is for all participants a great possibility to inform about the Glocknerman

01.04.2016 0:03

List of participants 2016 is now online!

These are the participants of the Glocknerman

20.03.2016 14:41

Rules 2016

The rules are now online available

04.02.2016 15:14

RAAM Qualifying Race

Glocknerman is now an official Race Across Ameria Qualifying Race

06.01.2016 3:09

Registration 2016

Registration for the Glocknerman 2016 ist now open.

06.01.2016 3:06

Appointed time Glocknerman 2016

The Glocknerman 2016 will take place from 25-28.5.2016. Start will be hold together with CityRadeln.

06.01.2016 3:03

Welcome to the new Glocknerman website

The site has been completely updated.

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