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Long distance

Glocknerman ULTRA

  • Solo Men (under 50 years)
  • 2-person Team
  • 4-person Team

Start/Finish Graz
Age 18-49
Distance 1000 km
Altitude 16000 hm
Großglockner 2x
Ultracycling World Championship

Long distance

Glocknerman CLASSIC

  • Solo Men (over 50 Jahren)
  • Solo Women

Start/Finish Graz
Age 50+
Distance 880 km
Altitude 14000 hm
Großglockner 1x
Ultracycling World Championship

Short distance

Glocknerman SPRINT

  • Solo Men
  • Solo Women
  • 2-person Team

Start Graz
Finish Edelweißspitze
Age 17+
Distance 450 km
Altitude 7500 hm
Großglockner 1x


The division into the long-distance categories (Ultra, Classic) takes place depending on the age. The age at the day oof the start counts date. The categories run on a similar route (Classic or Ultra) but differ in the number of kilometers and heights. Long-distance teams drive on the Ultra route.

Participants under 50 can also participate in the Classic circuit, but do not fall into the World Cup ranking. Similarly, cyclists older than 50 or ladies can ride the Ultra route.

In the short-distance category Sprint, there are no age or gender restrictions, as well as no World Cup

For the teams, only an overall ranking applies to all - whether male, female or mixed.

Glocknerman - Ultraradmarathon Weltmeisterschaft